13 Best Online Writing Tools for College Students and Copywriters

Writing a good essay or a valuable blog post can be as simple as finding the right writing tools to use. Online writing tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and apps can make writing blog posts or essays easier and help you earn better grades for your writing assignments.

If you are looking for a way to improve your writing skills, these online writing tools are a great place to start.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google, which also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep. Google Docs helps you collaborate with other writers, so if you are working on a group project, this free site is perfect for you. The program is similar to Microsoft Word, but it is free, and its documents can be shared in real-time.  


Grammarly is an American cloud-based typing assistant. It reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes in English texts, detects plagiarism, and suggests replacements for the identified errors. It also allows users to customize their style, tone, and context-specific language. With comprehensive feedback on spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and writing style, Grammarly is more than just a proofreader. 


HyperWrite is your personal writing assistant. HyperWrite helps you write 10 times faster and beat writer’s block. HyperWrite Works Where You Do. Access powerful writing tools and communicate with confidence on your favorite websites, without interrupting your workflow. Use HyperWrite to create better emails, documents, blog posts, social posts, copies, and more.


QuillBot‘s AI-Powered Paraphrasing Tool Will Enhance Your Writing. QuillBot is a paraphrasing and summarizing tool that helps millions of students and professionals cut their writing time by more than half using state-of-the-art AI to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article. QuillBot will scan your writing and alert you to any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word misuse, and more so that you can easily see them. Quillbot will rewrite your text. Join Today. Get Results. Features: Integrates Directly Into Google Docs, AI-Powered Thesaurus, and Vocabulary Enhancements.


Frase AI helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours. Frase is content writing software that helps identify and categorize content opportunities based on search results. The best writing software that uses AI to create amazing content in seconds. Start Here! Experience how Frase AI can be trained to perform specific tasks: AI content generator, automated research, SEO Optimization, and Generating full-length Content Audits.

Hemingway Apps

Hemingway Editor is a reference tool developed by Hemingway Ltd. As the name suggests, this app helps identify errors that affect the readability of your writing. It also applies Ernest Hemingway’s style to improve your writing. Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow sentence, shorten or.

The Hemingway App is an editor that highlights and corrects grammar, fluency, and sentence structure in order to make your writing read and look better. Hemingway Editor is a writing analyzer app for writing and revising your work. As mentioned, it gives notes and warnings that help you write more like the famed


DeepL Translator is a neural machine translation service launched in August 2017 and owned by Cologne-based DeepL SE. The translating system was first developed within Linguee and launched as the entity DeepL. Translate texts & full document files instantly. Accurate translations for individuals and Teams. Millions translate with DeepL every day.


ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models and has been fine-tuned using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques (Wikipedia contributors, 2023).

Chat GPT optimizes language models for dialogue. We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT, which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format allows ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, correct follow-up mistakes, challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests.


Simplified is the time-saving, all-in-one app that your modern marketing team can use for collaboration. Simplified helps you or your team design, write, edit videos, and publish content. Built For Teams.


Once you’ve started putting together a draft, you’ll need a tool to help you choose your words wisely. OneLook offers free assistance in making your words unique and less repetitive.   


Bubbl.us is a tool to use to get your ideas flowing. This virtual mind map helps you brainstorm how your essay will take shape.

Before you begin writing, visit Bubbl.us to make a free map of your thoughts. It helps you structure your big ideas, add supporting details, and eliminate non-essential information before you dive into the actual writing of your paper. You can also share your map and use it to collaborate on group projects whenever you need it.

Scribbr APA Citation Generator

Generate APA references and in-text citations in seconds with Scribbr’s free APA Citation Generator. Websites, books, articles, and more. Accurate APA citations, verified by experts, trusted by millions. Scribbr is a free online citation generator for MLA and APA.  It also contains guided tutorials on citations, plagiarism, writing, and much more.  Scribbr is recommended by many libraries to assist students with citations. Just be sure to double-check the citations generated from this site, and correct any errors.  

Word Counter

Every student needs to be aware of the length of their writing. This easy-to-use online tool will count words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages in real-time, along with spelling and grammar checking.


StayFocusd is an add-on extension that helps you to… well, stay focused. Although it might not directly affect your writing skills, it may very well help you get your paper completed on time. Follow this link to download and install the Chrome extension.

Whether you are a student, copywriter, or professional today, you should make full use of these online writing tools available to you. Take advantage of the learning opportunities they offer, use them to create better academic writing, and professional copywriting, and improve language skills.

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