How to Leverage Social Proof (Without Looking Like an Idiot)

63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews. Or a simple security seal can increase your sales by 42%. It’s because TRUST is by far the most important factor in a person’s purchase decision.

Imagine if I told you that I’m the best internet marketer on the planet. I can help drive sales by bringing new visitors to your website, converting them into subscribers and customers, and boost your overall revenue.

You probably wouldn’t believe me. Or worst, you would think that I’m full of myself.

But what if someone else told you that about me?

Maybe this other person said: “You should really check out Syed’s work. He has a YouTube channel with quarter billion video views. He runs the largest WordPress resource site, and his lead-generation plugin helped me boost my conversion rate by 420%.”

Now you would probably want to check out my work :)

That’s SOCIAL PROOF and it’s powerful because it triggers emotion.

In the article posted by Syed Balkhi, he stated 9 clever ways to leverage social proof with examples that you can add on your site to boost sales and conversions :

1. Customer Testimonials

2. Media and Mentions

3. Celebrity / Authority

4. Co-Hosted Webinars or Interviews

5. Case Studies

6. Number of Shares

7. Number of Followers

8. Important Stats

9. Trust Seals

Read the full article for details via this link 9 Ways to Leverage Social Proof Without Looking Like an Idiot


By Junior MOISE

Hi, I’m Junior, a Deep Learning Enthusiats, WordPress develoeper who loves building education products/solutions with a strong passion for online business. I recently developed a web app using WordPress that lets school, teachers create awesome website and manage their school activities in one place. I’d love to combine my passion for learning and teaching with my software development skills to continue building personalized learning useful products/solutions for people, entrepreneurs, small and medium business.

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